Dr J.P.Shukla

Dr.J.P. Shukla has done etensive work in the field of medicine for that he has been awarded as Rashtriya Chikitsa Ratna by government of India in 2009.

Dr.J.P. Shukla has done pioneer work in field of poisoning & saved many life in rural population specially farmers,for that he has been awarded Vish Visharad by government of India in 2013.

Dr. Manoj

Dr.Manoj has presented many national and international papers.

Dr.Manoj authored many chapters in national and international books in field of orthopedic.He is actively involved in many research.

Tips For Patients

Movement:- Every day, move each joint through its full range of motion to sustain mobility and freedom from pain.
Use:-Be sure to extend and flex your joints in the manner for which they are intended.
Posture:- The manner in which you carry your body has a significant impact on whether your joints will remain pain-free.
Play Favorites:- Favor the larger joints. Use the weaker joints for duties only they can handle. Using your hands, carry objects palm open to help distribute weight equally over your forearm.
Stay Active:-Avoid keeping your joints in the same position for a prolonged period of time. This will help to keep your joints from becoming stiff.